Accelerate Your Company’s Growth By Outsourcing


Whether it’s through hiring interior designer agencies, asset management teams, project management teams, or purchasing firms, the hospitality industry thrives on outsourcing to consulting firms. And why shouldn’t it? Outsourcing is one of the many ways that companies survived through 2008 and found it to be an efficient practice even in a normal economy. While it’s an option many companies choose throughout the years, hiring an outside consultant or contractor company is especially helpful when revenue streams are down.

We’re going to look at a few of the key benefits of outsourcing important, but secondary tasks that support your business, and some of them are especially key for businesses right now.

Cost-Effective Solution

Cutting staff is unfortunately one of the first things that comes during hardships, and too often it results in fewer employees working more hours to cover the need. Instead of spreading thin, allow your employees to focus on what they do best, and hire a consulting-based firm to fill in other areas rather than hiring extra staff. By shifting some duties and tasks that are only a one time or part time need, you are freeing up resources that you can focus on your vital team members to elevate your company.

While it’s a nice idea to be able to keep everything operating in house, it’s not always feasible. Not only does it require a larger overhead with benefits, hiring fees, and unemployment, but it often slows down the process and increases costs overall.

​When you bring in an outside company, the cost is a fixed cost. It’s easier to manage, budget, and there is no overhead. The fees are generally scalable based on the project, and you only pay for teams on a project and as needed basis, rather than keeping a staff on hand at all times. 

Access to Experience and Resources

When you hire a consultation or contracted company for a job, you have access to a much larger team of professionals. You not only hire them for a task, but also their industry knowledge, and manpower to finish the job more efficiently than an inside team is able to do, saving you time and money.

​One fixed cost can bring you a powerhouse of specialization. Consultants have access to the best industry practices, larger operations, additional resources, and an entire repertoire of contacts and sources that you are also gaining access to. You know that you are getting experts, focused on a specific task, shortening turn around times and simplifying the process.

Outsourcing Gives Peace of Mind

​Simplify project management with outsourcing. Knowing that you’re working with professionals allows time to work on the business itself, with minimal management of a certain task. You can still have quality consistency by working with the same consulting firm, but it adds to the flexibility needed for a company to grow. Your project or process is in the hands of the very best. Any peace of mind that can be brought by confidence in the work is invaluable.

​If you’re looking for ways to lower operational costs without losing any important functions, a consulting firm might be the perfect option. There are teams out there ready to help you and your bottom line. Not just when times are hard, but all the time. Outsourcing jobs can bring the opportunity for your company to grow and develop to achieve your main business goals. Our FF&E procurement process has proven time and time again for over 42 years.